Welcome to Cows for Christ

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Established in 2012, Joyful Jerseys is situated in Heidelberg, Gauteng. Though small, our select group of Jerseys are well-loved and carefully chosen as functional cows capable of performing in both the parlour and the show ring.

The cows’ milk is processed right here on the farm and sold by Hydeaway Farm in a variety of forms, the most popular still being the beautiful rich full cream milk, which is adored by children. Milk quality, with special emphasis on components, is therefore highly valued in our herd. As the cows are run on a pasture-based system, quality feet and legs, with a shallow udder, is also highly valued. We also prefer a cow that lasts for many years and has both fertility and hardiness. Finally, our cows are expected to be as beautiful as they are useful, with dairy strength and excellent type.

Our God has called us to breed Jerseys and we will go about this with passion and determination, all in order to bring glory to His holy Name.

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