Hydeaway XF Blinkers


DOB: 1 April 1997

Deceased. Rest in peace, old lady

Blinkers, the gentle old queen of Joyful Jerseys, was my first cow. Sourced at a sale in 2002, she was already in her third lactation. Blinkers would go on to produce another 9 offspring for a total of 12 successful lactations before she was honourably discharged from service in 2010. She died in December 2013 at over 16 years old. Blinkers will never be forgotten.

Hydeaway XF Fiona


DOB: 23 November 2004

9th lactation

Fresh in milk

One of the first cows bred by the mother herd, Hydeaway Jerseys, Fiona is the oldest cow in the herd, and also one of the healthiest. Although not a great producer, averaging under 5000 litres per lactation, Fiona is an excellent solids cow, testing around 6.4% butterfat and 4.0% protein. She scored an FCL of EX-90 at her evaluation in 2014, her best score being 91 for udder. Her average ICP across 9 lactations is 374 days, her average matings per conception 1.8. This old girl is the true old Jersey type – low maintenance, high solids, and she just never stops.

Hydeaway Briar


DOB: 7 August 2011

King Arthur x Jake

3rd lactation

CIC to DJ May (sexed)

With the strong Danish influence of her King Arthur (Lemvig) and Jake (Jas Hot) lines, Briar was second in her class at Nationals 2016. Her shallow udder, strong udder cleft, fertility, pedigree and ease of movement promise longevity. Three lactations down the line, she is milking well over 7000 litres per lactation, peaking at 40 litres per day. This strong, dairy cow scored VG-89 at her last evaluation.

Rosafield Renegade Lobellia


DOB: 26 October 2012

Renegade x Country x Future

2nd lactation

CIC to Joyful Valentino Flynn

Leah was acquired at the National Sale 2014. She was bred by Rosafield Jerseys and has a pedigree to die for. The wonderful Lobellia line speaks for itself and is an old favourite in South African Jersey breeding. Her paternal granddam is the renowned Tenn Haug E Maid, who needs no introduction. A feminine cow with outstanding spring of rib, very sharp and clean across the neck and withers, Leah was Supreme Heifer Champion at the Northern Championships 2014 and is going to go a long way in the Jersey world. Her high components and good udder health make her as functional as she is beautiful.

Hydeaway Brunette


DOB: 11 November 2012

Eclipes x Moonshot

2nd lactation

PIC to Guimo Joel

Brunette is a high-producing powerhouse of type and milk. Her sire contributes to her good looks and udder, and she comes from a very strong dam line, being a granddaughter of the great old grade cow Bluebell, who milked eight high-producing lactations without a day’s mastitis.

Hydeaway Cremello


DOB: 6 December 2012

Hype x Moonshot x Pitino’s Domain

2nd lactation

CIC to Cal-Mart Medalist Pilgrim

This solid little cow is low-maintenance and high-protein, with outstanding feet and legs and the promise of excellent longevity. Although not a top producer in the parlour, her fertility and hardiness makes her a valued addition to our herd. She brings functionality and components to the table and crosses out well with high-production, show-type bulls.

Hydeaway Valentino Merida


DOB: 18 September 2013

Valentino x Moonshot x Jake

2nd lactation


This classy young cow is a favourite in the show ring and the milking parlour. The 2015 Northern Jersey Champion Heifer, she scored VG-87 in her first lactation and has a very correct mammary system and type. Not just a pretty face, Merida is also a top milker, producing 7200l in 314 days in her first lactation. She is also hardy, incredibly fertile and very good-natured, making her our image of a true Jersey cow.

Hydeaway Epic Bellamy


DOB: 22 February 2014

by Ahlem Jace Epic

1st lactation

CIC to Joyful Eclipes Chestnut

This super-functional young cow is a daughter of our best old grade cow Bluebell. With her fertility and health, she promises to continue to impress us with her high components for many years to come.

Joyful Eclipes Princess


DOB: 17 June 2014

Eclipes x King Arthur

1st lactation

CIC to Shulz Rescue Headline

This incredible young cow has impressed us with her fertility, milk and solids production, and above all udder conformation. Her high and wide rear udder is coupled with strong attachments and shallowness, promising longevity. Hardy and functional, “Possible” is as useful as she is beautiful.

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